Offering a variety of ways to get a reading or learn about intuition and mediumship.

Tim will connect with your loved one(s) in the spirit world, bringing through evidence of their continued existence and sharing their messages of healing, love and hope for you.

Allow Tim’s uncanny insight get to the heart of what is going on with you & your life situations. Tim’s nurturing guidance will enlighten, empower, and inspire you!

Check out the latest articles from Tim as he helps modernize intuition and mediumship – replacing fear & superstition with logical insight & practical techniques.

Ready to explore your own intuitive or mediumistic abilities? (Yes, we all have ’em!). Tim offers development practices, workshops & classes in a safe, private Facebook group.

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about Tim thomas

Tim's approach avoids is to avoid the "woo woo" and make things practical, down-to-earth and accessible to all regardless of their personal belief system.

Insight, evidence, & guidance you can trust.

Tim is an experienced, highly-accurate evidential psychic medium who uses his intuitive abilities to provide uncanny insight, practical guidance, and evidence there is “life after life” for our loved ones in the spirit world.

Tim offers evidential mediumship readings & demonstrations, intuitive (“psychic”) readings, as well as workshops and classes. Tim’s approach is very nurturing and down-to-earth, bringing healing, insight, inspiration and encouragement to each client. 

In addition to years of working with clients, Tim  was  trained by some of the best and most respected psychic mediums, completing hundreds of hours in mentorships, workshops, and classes.

Tim is passionate about maintaining the highest level of standards & ethics in evidential mediumship and intuitive readings. He believes everyone can learn to understand and unfold these abilities for themselves, and offers articles, classes, and workshops to help others understand and learn.


Uncanny insight & evidence


7+ years, 100's of clients


Highest standards & ethics


Down-to-Earth, nurturing approach

Tim is an absolute treasure!  If you haven’t had a reading with him, I encourage you to, as my experience has been amazingly positive and healing! He is incredibly gifted.

I have found his readings to be both accurate and helpful, and he delivers the messages in a very supportive and encouraging manner.  I’m really grateful to have found him and for the information he has shared with me! 


He knew things no one but those who passed would know.

My soul has been consumed with grief the past couple of years. Tim was spot on with his reading and the weight of grief and the unknowns was lifted.

I can’t explain how but he knew things no one but those who passed would know he is for real….

Kary Marsh

I am not easy to please, but… I got back the recording of our reading and I typed everything up for my family to read – it was during this time which I was blown away and realized just how much information of accuracy Tim had given me.

Even secret conversations I have had to my deceased relative, feelings I have around life that I would often ‘think’ to her, he brought up those feelings BANG ON,


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Practical guidance from Tim to help you understand and develop your own intuitive and mediumistic abilities.


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