1. You have backed out of going to an important event against all rational thought because you saw something in the cards that spooked you. And you ended up being right.
  2. You had to remodel a room (or two) to accommodate your cards, candles, crystals, incense, journals, sage, meditation cushions, altars, etc.
  3. You have more Tarot decks than you have pairs of shoes.
  4. You don’t need air freshener because one (or more) of your rooms always smell like incense or a favorite candle.
  5. You find yourself choosing to listen to binaural beats or meditative music instead of your favorite pop songs.
  6. You have kicked yourself at least once because you saw something very specific in the cards but were hesitant to tell your client for fear of being wrong – and you were right.
  7. You have agonized about “coming out” as a Tarot reader at least once in your life.
  8. You have at least one Tarot deck you bought because you love the art even though you get nothing when you try to use it for readings.
  9. You sometimes shock yourself (and not just your client) with specific things you are able to pick up from the cards.
  10. You feel called to help guide and nurture others and you feel your best when you know you have helped someone with a good reading!


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