Record It

Do you trust your intuition, psychic impressions, or mediumistic evidence? Or do you tend to dismiss it, forget it, or question it afterwards? One of the best ways to learn to trust – and to strengthen your relationship with all things spiritual/psychic – is to keep a dedicated validation journal.

Then each time you get some specific validated evidence or an amazing sign, make an entry to document it. Maybe it was a sign from the Spirit world that you just could not deny. Or maybe it was an amazingly specific piece of evidence you gave while doing a practice mediumship reading. Maybe it was a reading that you received that blew you away. Maybe it was a psychic prediction you made that happened just as you saw it. You know, those moments when you are feeling amazed and validated and lit up – write them all down!

Make It Special

You can keep an electronic journal, but better yet buy a nice physical one and write in it manually. Be sure to give it a name that feels right to you – “Amazing Evidence”… “This Is Real”… “Spirit Signs” …”I’m Not Crazy”… whatever you like. It is for you and you alone so make it something fun that will make you smile.

This can be incredibly beneficial in your development of your own psychic and mediumistic ability. Because there will be times when your logical mind or your ego will doubt your ability, times when you will feel discouraged, times when you will feel like none of this is real or maybe you are just crazy. And when that happens, you can pull out your journal and soothe your mind & ego by hitting it over the head with a bunch of evidence!

No Denying Evidence

The logical mind loves evidence. And once you have compiled a list of all the incredible things you’ve experienced, the logical mind has no choice but to believe. The beauty of this approach is it can begin to work right away. But the more you accumulate amazing stories and experiences in the journal over time, the less resistance your logical mind will put up.

Dedicating a journal specifically to documenting these validating experiences can give your development a huge boost. Don’t mix them in with other journals, practices, or notes. These “wow!” moments deserve a special, dedicated place you can go any time to boost your confidence, enhance your belief, uplift your spirits, or to help remind you that we are all connected.

Want to learn how to develop your own intuitive/psychic or mediumistic abilities? We all have them and I offer regular classes and workshops to help you tap into them and learn to trust them!


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