How Safe Do You Feel Right Now?

We live in times where just watching the news or checking social media can be extremely scary and leave us feeling the world is falling apart.

After years of doing intuitive readings for others, I realize they all generally had one thing in common. No matter the life situation or reason for seeking out a reading, there is an underlying need that nearly everyone seems to be trying to satisfy in one way or another: the need to feel safe.

At the heart of most psychic readings is a client’s curiosity or uncertainty about the future. While I don’t do literal “predictions” (because I believe in free will to change wherever I see things heading), my job is generally about making people safe and comfortable with what might be coming next in their lives by helping them see things they might not be seeing on their own.

While some seek out routine, regular intuitive guidance for assisting their feeling of safety – the way you might seek out a monthly massage to keep your body relaxed – others wait until they are already very fearful or anxious.

Regardless of the frequency, most questions I get are about either relationships or career. As a medium, I also bring forth messages from loved ones on the Other Side. And at the each of these types of intuitive guidance is an underlying need to feel safe.


Safety In Your Relationships

Good relationships give us the ability to feel loved, protected, stable, and safe. And with many relationships there is often an added element of intertwined lives that might share a home together.

Our home is our ultimate refuge for safety. So if there are concerns about a partner in the relationship, it can feel like your underlying safety is threatened on multiple fronts!

If we have uncertainty about a relationship, on some level the relationship causes us to not feel completely safe. We may fear losing a loved one, losing companionship, or missing out on true love.

Relationships provide stability and a sense of being free to be ourselves. No wonder we feel unsafe when they are threatened!

For some types of relationships, not only is their fear of losing out on Love, but there can be also be a fear of losing the stability of a safe home.

Living with a someone with whom you are having a difficult relationship can rob you of feeling safe in the one place you need it most – at home. Whether it is a romantic partner, a parent, a sibling, or a child, if you don’t feel completely safe and Loved around someone you live with, it can cause an overwhelming sense of fear.


Safety In Your Career

At the heart of most career questions is also a concern for safety.

Should I switch careers and risk failing? Will I get promoted if I stay with my current company? What can I do to deal with my difficult new boss who is making me fear for my future at the company?

For the vast majority of us, our jobs and careers are what puts money in the bank and food on the table each night. Any change we might consider, even when they seem positive or we initiate them ourselves, can trigger fears of safety within us.

It can be difficult and scary to make good decisions regarding our careers when we are driven by fear of our own safety. When we feel uncertain about our livelihood, it can be impossible to clearly see the way forward.

That is why it is important to take time out tap into your own intuition. Or seek out a professional for some intuitive guidance to help show you the potential risks, pitfalls, and rewards that you might otherwise not see.

Even if there are big challenges that might be on the horizon with your career, it can be a little easier to tackle them with some intuitive guidance giving you a boost in the right direction.


Safety In Your Spiritual Beliefs

Even when I get questions about loved ones on The Other Side, there is often a double concern for safety.

Are My Loved Ones Safe on the Other Side?

First, people want to know that their loved ones are safe on the other side. Religion can put some very misleading fears into people who worry often worry about the safety of their loved ones’ souls.

Having the ability to connect to those on The Other Side, I assure clients that I do not believe in a literal Hell. Even the most troubled souls are relatively at peace and safe on The Other Side. The vast majority that I encounter tend to radiate unconditional love and support for their loved ones who are still here.

In rare occasions, I will encounter a soul who still seems a bit troubled. But there is never a sense of eternal torment. Even these souls, I would classify as “safe”. They are just taking longer to assess their lives here and understand the mistakes they made, and what lessons they can learn. And even these souls often have healing and supportive messages for others.

What Will Happen to Me When I Die?

Second, by hearing messages or getting signs from their loved ones on the Other Side, it can help reinforce for people that we don’t just end with the physical death of our bodies. Our souls continue on in another way. Our loved ones can continue to support us from the Other Side, and we can do the same for others when we leave our physical bodies from this life behind.

Nothing is more rewarding to me personally than being able to provide that kind of comfort for others.


Let Yourself Feel Safe

We all need a sense of safety to function this the modern world. News headlines blast a constant stream of negative energy at us. They make us feel the world is unsafe. Without feeling we are safe, we may become paralyzed by fear and confusion.

My job is to help people see their lives, relationships, and situations from a different perspective. I like to show them what they might not see and where things might be heading so they can feel good about the decisions, or make course corrections as needed. But the end goal is always that underlying need to feel safe.

It is important to periodically take time to tap into your intuitive or spiritual side. If you have difficulty doing that yourself, you can always try an intuitive reading to help get you on the right track to understanding that you are guided, supported, and that the world can be a safe place.

With Deepest Gratitude,

~Tim Thomas







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