Cell Phones & Negative Psychic Energy

The next time you are in a public place, take a look at the people around you and note what you see. Chances are very few will even notice you because they will all be staring down at their cell phones. It doesn’t matter where you are – in an elevator, walking down the street, standing in line, working out, driving – there is no doubt this is a cultural addiction. And while technology can enrich our lives in many ways, it comes with a high cost.

We’ve all seen that YouTube clips of the woman who is so focused on her cell phone that she walks right into a water fountain. And despite knowing the dangers, texting or using cell phones while driving has become so prevalent that some states are scrambling to pass laws to crack down on their usage. Aside from these obvious hazards, constant use of cell phones has another subtle but deeply disturbing effect: it disconnects us from our fellow human beings.

Even those of us who are introverted (raise your hand if you are like me!) need basic human contact on a daily basis. There are countless scientific studies showing social isolation has dramatic negative consequences: mental illness, major depression, high blood pressure, even a propensity to infection, disease, and dementia! And our toxic political culture, where we mentally divide everyone into “us and them” is certainly exacerbated when we use our cell phones stay in our little bubbles.

Three Ways You Can Stop It

But there are a few simple ways you can easily combat this addiction without major disruption to your life or your routine. Here are things that I have tried myself and found very beneficial. You can start by trying each of these for a single day. Chances are you will feel such a positive shift in your energy that you’ll want to make them recurring or permanent fixtures in your routine:


1 – Public You, Private Cell

Whenever possible, don’t check your phone when you are around others in public. This one may seem difficult but it is surprisingly easy.

I realized I often use my phone as a buffer between myself and strangers. It is easier to stare down at my screen than to smile and say hello to a stranger in an elevator. But getting a smile back and a kind word feels 1000 times better than reading my email a few seconds sooner than I otherwise would.

I found by leaving my phone in my pocket when I am walking down the street, standing in line, or driving I’m actually more relaxed. And I’m certainly much more aware of my surroundings. I find my energy has increased and my mood has lifted frequently as I receive smiles, nods, or even polite small talk from strangers.

If you find this one difficult try it with one exception – break the rule if you are standing in line for more than a minute or two.


2 – Love the One Your With

Resist using your cell phone when you are talking to friends or family. This one can be strangely difficult for people. But it is extremely important to be present for the people in your life you care for and those that care for you.

How do you feel when you are talking to someone and they are distracted by their cell phone. It is not a great feeling, is it? The message you send when you do it is that you would rather be somewhere else or with someone else.

I sometimes see couples or friends out to dinner and each of them barely acknowledging one another at all as they focus on their cell phones. They may as well be complete strangers or even zombies. This may be the extreme, but most of us are guilty of frequently doing this to a lesser extent. Whether it is to avoid awkward topics, to fill lulls in conversation, or to appease our hyper monkey-minds it can be hard to resist.

It may seem socially acceptable because it is common, but that doesn’t change the energy you are putting out there. By instead giving the person you are with your full attention and presence, you may find this will significantly strengthen and deepen your relationship.

So leave the phone tucked away when you’re with friends and family, or start with a family rule of no cell phones at the dinner table.


3 – Take a Break

It is important to sometimes take days off or set time blocks.

Imagine a day with no distractions. No constant ping of texts, work e-mails, alarming news stories, or social media pressures. Sounds rather nice, doesn’t it? This was the norm for all of human existence until very recently! It is remarkably liberating to leave it all behind for a while.

Try one day a month where you leave the cell phone turned off (or at home!) for most or all of the day. This will force you to become much more present and mindful of what you are doing.

The contrast can initially be quite jarring, even scary for some. But this is our natural state and those fears will quickly be replaced by a sense of peace, tranquility, and even joy as you disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature and your fellow human beings.


Reconnect & Reclaim Your Energy

If you try some of these exercises you will see positive results. Not only will you feel more connected and energetic, just might give yourself the chance to find your new best friend, the love of your life, experience more joy, or even just stay healthy!

And you’ll find if you make these part of our routine that if the Universe or any departed loved ones want to send you messages or signs, you’ll be much more likely to receive them if you’re not staring down at your cell phone screen when they arrive!

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