I am fortunate that the intuitive readings I do for people sometimes involve messages from loved ones on the other side. I am always amazed and humbled when I am able share the images, words, feelings and messages that are shown to me to validate our loved ones are with us even after death.


Recently, after receiving messages for a client from her mother, I realized how much I missed my own loved ones on the other side and that I hadn’t heard from them in a while. The next morning, I felt my mom’s loving presence. It had been a while but I knew she was there supporting me. So this time I asked her for a sign to validate it – something unmistakable that I could share with others.


Almost immediately, she showed me an image that I recognized but didn’t know how to name. I decided I would call it “Chinese kitty” but didn’t think that was the real name. It was the statue of a seated cat that you often see behind the counter at Chinese establishments. The cat with one paw raised that sometimes can move up and down.


I honestly had no idea what it meant, but my mom told me this image was for one of my sisters. It seemed odd to me – even trivial – but she assured me it would have meaning and that I should send it to my sisters. I have learned over the years to trust these signs but I am always skeptical when receiving messages from my own loved ones for fear my own thoughts or emotions are interfering with any clairvoyant images. So I decided to email my sisters and tell them I had received a message for one of them, but not to tell them up front it was from our mom.


I wasn’t sure if they would understand the image from my description alone so I searched the Internet for “Chinese kitty” and an image of the familiar Chinese lucky cat with the raised paw came up. But it was a drawing in black, white and red like you might find on a Chinese menu. Thinking a 3D image would be more recognizable, I passed that image over for a more 3D version where the cat was shiny and gold. I copied the image and pasted it into my email simply telling my sisters this was a message I received for one of them that day.


My oldest sister replied back to the email a short time later expressing confusion. She did not recognize the image. She asked if it was a chocolate covered cat wrapped in gold foil! I sighed and started to question whether the image really was relevant after all. But my mom’s spirit had been so insistent with the message and that it was connected to my sister! I replied back to my sisters saying if nothing else maybe it just meant good luck for one of them today. But I hoped a greater validation was still to come since I wanted my sisters to be able to feel my mom’s presence.


It was early that same evening when I got the message from my other sister. She had seen my email that morning but initially decided it probably just meant that she should get a lottery ticket since it might be a “lucky” day. But the true meaning of the Chinese lucky cat symbol revealed itself to her as a clear message from our mom later in the day!


My sister had asked her husband to pick up dinner for them on his way home from work that day. She left it up to him what to bring home. When he arrived with Chinese food – something they very rarely eat – she was surprised. The carry-out order was from our mom’s favorite restaurant – a Chinese restaurant named “Kitty’s”. A place they hadn’t eaten in months. She immediately thought back to when we were kids and how it was always a special treat to get food from there with our mom. In fact, it was dinner at Kitty’s that was often our Mother’s Day gift to our mom! She always enjoyed sharing it with us knowing it was as much a treat for us as it was for her!


My sister began to get emotional as she realized the image I had sent her that morning was from our mom and that she was feeling her loving presence again. As she opened the carry-out bag and looked inside, she broke down and started sobbing. Inside was a brand new carry out menu from Kitty’s. As she pulled it out she immediately noticed Kitty’s had changed their logo. Instead of the image of a Chinese hut that had graced the top of their previous menu for the past several decades, they had a brand new image – a drawing of the Chinese lucky cat.


She texted me a picture of the new menu alongside the old one to show the obvious change in logos. She told me the sign was clearly from our mom! I told her I already knew that and I had asked my mom for the sign specifically so others could feel her presence from the other side!


She told my other sister what happened and we all enjoyed receiving this beautiful sign from our mother validating her connection with us even years after her passing in the physical world. Of all the intuitive messages and insight I am able to bring to others, nothing feels better than helping them feel the presence of loved ones on the other side.


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