“Nope.” she said with a smirk and a raised eyebrow as she shook her head.

I was doing intuitive readings at a festival. A young woman sat across from me and was not receptive to what I was being shown in the cards I drew for her.

I had taken a moment after she sat down to explain the process. I told her that I was going to use the cards to communicate with our spirit guides to be shown a message that she most needs to hear. I told her if she was seeking clarity or had a question about a particular subject, to think of it while I shuffled the cards but not to tell me up front so we could be receptive to whatever message might come.  I told her that often, but not always, these messages ended up being the same but first we would be guided to something important for her highest good.

I also assured her that if the first card spread did not address the issue she was thinking about that we would pull some additional cards later to directly address that as well.

So when I began turn the cards over she started shaking her head almost immediately. She appeared familiar with Tarot and with the Celtic Cross layout so when the first card I revealed showed “The Devil” it was clear she was immediately on the defensive. I noticed her tense up.  I finished turning over the cards and the last one showed a woman crying frozen heart-shaped tears as the final outcome. I took a moment to intuitively interpret the spread before I spoke.

“It appears there might is some aspect of your life where you might be a little too focused on the physical or material and it could cause some disappointment or heartache down the road.” I said as gently as possible.




When she arrived for the reading, she was with an older woman and decided to let her stay and listen.  I do not encourage this for a couple reasons. First, what comes up in a reading is often very personal and the person requesting the reading may not want to share intimate details of their life with the other person. Second, the additional person may throw off the energy of the spread by inserting themselves into it.  But I left the option up to the young woman and she agreed to have the other woman stay.


“OK.” I said, wondering if she was reluctant to open up because of her friend’s presence.  I studied some of the other cards.  “It appears there is someone, perhaps an older woman but not necessarily, who is trying to help you and encourage you to look deeper beyond the physical/material.”


“Not even close.” the young woman said smugly.  It was becoming clear to me that her attitude was not one open to guidance, but rather someone who wanted to be impressed by a psychic who could read her mind and tell her what she wanted to hear.  Nothing else would do.


“I think I might be throwing this reading off a bit, so I’m going to leave.” the older woman offered. The tension was thick now and the energy very uncomfortable.  Was this the older woman who was trying to help?  I was not sure.  The truth was it was the young woman’s closed off “impress me” attitude that was making for a difficult reading.


The older woman left and I tried again to get the young woman to be receptive to the guidance being offered and to open up – but she wasn’t having it.  I took a deep breath and decided that since she was paying for a 15 minute reading and we had already wasted 5 minutes I was not going to get very far with my current approach.


I agreed (but did not truly believe) that the first spread may have been thrown off by the presence of the other woman.  I explained my plan and told her I would re-shuffle and start with a new, smaller 3 card spread and then expand upon it.


Before I even pulled the new cards, I sensed the young woman wanted to know about a man in her life and no other information would be received outside that context. Sure enough, the new 3 card spread validated that.  As I told her what I was seeing she relaxed a bit and began to slightly open up.


As I read the cards and began to expand on them, I showed this was a relationship that had huge potential and appeared to be very much for her highest good. I explained what I saw with this man, what I saw with her, and everything I could glean about this relationship – what it was based on, where it was headed, what each of them need to work on, etc.  As I was talking directly and immediately about what she was expecting to hear when she sat down, she began to offer at least a few phrases of validation:


“Yes. He is someone I find myself drawn to but he is so not my usual type physically!” she admitted.


And there it was!  This woman who so adamantly insisted moments ago she was not too focused on the material/physical world in any way, the one who raised her eyebrow and shook her head at me, the one who folded her arms and judgmentally said “nope” just admitted she was doing exactly what the cards tried to warn her she was doing in the first sentence of my reading. Yes, the reading she so vehemently rejected was not only accurate it was also about the very question for which she came to me for guidance in the first place.  If only she had given it a chance we might have found some additional guidance and clarity in those first few minutes.


I continued the reading with the new spread and additional cards, essentially telling her that being more open to this relationship might be for her highest good and she should look past the physical, be more open and less defensive, and she just might find she won’t be disappointed with where this relationship goes.  This seemed to resonate with her and she no longer seemed quite so skeptical or unreceptive.


She even tipped me after the reading which was an unexpected surprise after the challenging start to the reading.


I was glad that the message she needed to hear was finally delivered in the end. But my energy was drained and I wished she had come in with more of an open mind. Will we ever know the identity of the important woman in her life who was trying to offer guidance?  Or what other guidance or detail I could have helped provide if she’d approached the reading more openly?






So do you think you might be open to some guidance? I would love to use the power of a custom psychic Tarot reading to help guide you and interpret the message you need to receive. Book a reading today. I promise to get the message you need to hear across one way or another.



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