Ever get an intuitive/psychic reading – or do one for yourself – and thought parts of it did not apply or make sense at all? Sometimes what we pick up or receive may be something that resonates much later – months, years or even decades – down the road. It could be all about timing. That’s why writing down or saving readings to come back to later is important.

Intuitive information defies logic. That it is always best received with an open mind. Sometimes we receive insight for a potential or possibility that we may not experience for quite some time. I have a couple of perfect examples from my own experience as a recipient…

A Message 10 Years in the Future

I recently stumbled across a reading I had twenty(!) years ago – shocked that I still had the notes from it. As I read them, I recalled that at the time, I was not really “into” this stuff at all. I just went to a party where they happened to have a psychic so I got a reading. Unbeknownst to me at the time, she would become my mentor fifteen years later! And much of what she had to say would only make sense years later…

Going into this reading I had an open mind even though I was not really much of a believer. There were a few things that resonated with me at the time that made me wonder how she could know about them. She knew I had a female best friend that talked for hours on the phone nearly every day. And that I’d just changed jobs. She knew about a strange dream/encounter that I had. And she got other evidence around relationships and people around me that made a lot of sense to me.

But much of the rest of it left me shrugging and a bit confused at the time. Looking back on it now, I see that instead of 50% of it making sense, 90% of it makes sense. It is just that much of what she talked about would not occur until years later…

Fast Forward to the Rift

At the time, she saw health issues with my dad – even though I told her I thought he was fine. Then she asked if there was a big rift between me and one of my brothers. I said no. She said  she sees a rift and it had something to do with my dad. She reassured me that she sees an eventual reconciliation. Back then, I was getting along fine with my brothers so I said I didn’t know what that was about and asked her which brother. She said it was with the “cocky” one. I shrugged.

Well… fast forward ten years from that reading and my brother and I had a massive fight that divided and broke apart our family for years. And the fight was over… our dad’s health and his death! And my perception of my brother’s (cocky) attitude towards it!  It was a very big deal that caused a lot of pain for us and others around us. And, eventually, as the psychic saw, we did reconcile. But 20 years ago none of this made sense to me when she said it.

She also saw me quitting my job within a couple years and going back to school full-time for 2-3 years to get my degree. I scoffed at the time because I liked my job and the money I was making and couldn’t imagine doing that. But as the years passed, this became exactly what I wanted and what I did – it was just about 6 years after this reading. Long after I’d forgotten what she said.

A Teacher? You Must Have the Wrong Guy?

Similarly, about 9 years ago when I was developing my psychic abilities and first starting to read for others I had a reading from a teacher I really admired. The first thing she told me is that I was a teacher and I was meant to be teaching others. And that they would be drawn to me for my nurturing style. I distinctly remember laughing in her face and saying it was literally the last thing in the world I would ever see myself doing. 

Fast forward about seven years later and, sure enough, people began to ask me to teach. I was reluctant at first, but frustrated with the lack of good teachers for myself I relented. And much to my surprise, I found I loved doing it and each year it becomes a more important part of my journey.

I also will not forget the first time I saw a medium and her first words to me were “you see things, don’t you”? Again, I scoffed and laughed. Fast forward about four years and had my firsts spirit communicator come into a psychic reading and I began to unfold my own mediumship. Now mediumship readings are 75% of the readings of what I do!

Give It Time

So the point is always keep an open mind, write down and save those readings, and maybe take an opportunity as we end the year to go back and see what you might have missed. If a reading from a good intuitive or psychic reader doesn’t resonate much remember that timing can be tricky.

In the realm of intuition and spirit, time does not really exist. Linear time is a construct of the physical world we all inhabit. When we move beyond it to pick up impressions, there may be little distinction between past, present and future. So the next time you get a reading that leaves you confused… give it time.

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Rizalina Rosuello · December 22, 2021 at 6:54 pm

I would like to believe it but how does someone know who are the legitimate ones are? I’m afraid that there are many fraudsters out there.

    Tim Thomas · December 23, 2021 at 3:53 pm

    Rizalina, that is a good question. A legitimate psychic reader will be able at least be able to pick up some specific things about you and your situation intuitively that makes sense to you at the time. Most of the reading should feel good and make sense to you in the moment even if there are things that might not make sense until later. Fraudsters will typically be unable to pick up much of anything specific about you. Often they prey upon people’s fears and try to get the person to pay them more money. You will leave reading like that feeling bad or afraid, or like you need the psychic to fix or heal you. A good reading should always leave you feeling empowered and uplifted even if it doesn’t all make sense in the moment.

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