At least once a week, I get a message from someone asking about a seemingly unexplainable experience that usually starts something like this…

“I’ve been seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye but when I turn around nothing is there… Is this real or am I going crazy?”

“I’ve started opening up to the spirit world, but now I keep sensing spirits and they won’t leave me alone… How can I get them to stop bugging me?”

“I woke up and felt frozen in my body like I was paralyzed and couldn’t move for several minutes… Should I be doing me to protect myself?”

“I keep hearing a ringing sound in my left ear for several minutes… Am I getting a spiritual download of information?”

“I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror but for a split second I saw eyes that weren’t even human… Was this an alien or some kind of past life that I need to learn from?”

The details differ, but these type of messages almost always have certain elements in common. They are detailed stories about personal experiences beyond our five physical senses that cannot be easily explained away with logic. And they are often fearful or disruptive to the person’s life in some way.

I try to take the time to answer individually when time allows, but usually these questions are also often directed to the public in some way. And there will always be others willing to validate an experience and assign meaning to it – even if they are not experienced or their interpretation may be incorrect or even harmful.

So I am attempting to create a reference to help others understand these experiences and how to deal with them in a positive way.

Was It Real?

After receiving countless questions like this I have realized the person asking wants validation at least as much as – or more than – an explanation. Was this real or am I crazy? Have other people experienced this, too? What does it mean?

The simple answer to this question is always “yes, but…”. If you experienced it, it was real to you. And, for better or worse, that is what matters.

We are so used to identifying with the physical world. We only want to accept something as “real” if we can clearly sense it with our five physical senses. But energy is all around us. We can accept the cell phone signal, or WiFi Internet connection, or radio waves all around as real even though we cannot see, hear, smell, taste or touch them. So why question whether something you experienced was real or not just because it goes beyond your five physical senses?

Perception is reality. We largely create our own reality in our head. So nobody can take away or invalidate the experience you had – whether or not you find others who shared similar experiences. So be wary of trying to crowdsource an answer just to be validated! But the meaning we assign to our experience – and what we do about it – is ultimately what matters.

But What Does It Mean?

The answer to this question usually depends on whether the feeling behind the experience. Was it fearful or was it uplifting? Did it leave you shaking or smiling? The former means it was probably you, while the latter means it was could have been a spiritual experience.

Before searching for meaning with a metaphysical experience, it is best to rule out any mundane causes. Sometimes, the only meaning of those spots you are seeing is that you need to get your eyes examined. Sometimes, that ringing in your ears just means you need to have them cleaned. Not every unexplained experience has a supernatural origin.

Unexplainable But Positive

But, in general – if you can rule out the mundane and your experience was a good one – it may have been a sign from the spirit world. It could also be a loved one, or a supportive being that fits your belief system (God, angels, spirit guides, your higher self, etc.) offering assistance and guidance.

What is important to ask is not just what it means, but was it useful? Whether you are just becoming more in touch with your own intuition or open to sensing the spirit world, if it was a good experience it should benefit you in some way. Your own intuition offers quick flashes of useful data that is there to be harnessed for your own benefit. Higher beings are only there to help and do not care about being identified specifically or getting credit.

So if you can already clearly see the benefit, express gratitude and know that more of these experiences can come your way. Be open and ask for more. Don’t wait for someone to validate it or assign meaning for you. If you are confused about the benefit, just ask for something more practical or useful.

The Real Spirit World

One of the most challenging concepts to get people to understand and accept is that the spirit world is a world of pure love. I have connected with countless spirits over the years and invariably they bring through messages to their loved ones that that uplift, heal, and inspire. Even those who were difficult, abusive, drug-addicted, or died by suicide come through from the spirit world with messages of healing and love.

So as an evidential medium, I can assure you that anything you are experiencing that is fearful, scary, or bothersome is not actually coming from the spirit world at all! It took me a while to completely understand that concept so I can understand it is difficult for most to believe. A lifetime of ghost stories, scary movies, YouTube “experts”, and sensationalized television shows try to tell us otherwise. But having worked with the spirit world and seeing the real evidence they can provide – not just projecting our own beliefs or fears on them – I know there is nothing to fear from the spirit world.

Echoes of Energy

But if your experience is scary, causing you anxiety, or seems “evil” to you, then it is probably not actually coming from your intuition or from the spirit world at all. More than likely, it is an experience you are creating or inadvertently attracting to yourself.

There are so many fear-based TV shows, web sites, social media channels and sources that perpetuate misinformation about the spirit world – particularly about “stuck” spirits, “hauntings”, etc. This is particularly true of things labeled paranormal. So it often comes as a shock to people when, as a medium, I tell them their scary experience has nothing to do with spirit world at all. Rather, what they are likely experiencing is residual energy, or echoes of the past, amplified by their own fears and beliefs.

Have you ever walked into a place and just felt the “energy” of it was off, only to find out someone just had a fight or a tense meeting in the room? If you were blindfolded and taken to an empty prison and asked to describe what you feel, I can promise you the description would be vastly different than if you did the same in a church or a playground.

We are all made up of energy and our thoughts and experiences in a location or situation contribute to the overall energy and feeling of that place. People gathering weekly in a church to worship will largely fill that space with energy of love and support. That is why going to an old church can feel magical. That is also why the negative energy of a prison feels so intense, too. The more people there, the more time that is spend, the more intense the situation, the more energy is built up.

Haunted Projections

That is why certain places may feel “haunted” and people think they sense spirits there. What they are actually sensing – and reinforcing and projecting – the vast majority of the time is residual energy. Echoes of memories and energetic experiences often enhanced over the years by others’ fears to the point it can even appear to have physical manifestations. But that doesn’t mean the spirit of a person is there. It just means a lot of people have sensed the energy and keep reinforcing it and what they are sensing is actually a projection like watching a clip from an old movie.

People often cite Gettysburg as a very haunted place. And there are countless stories of mediums sensing “spirits” of soldiers and trying to help them “cross over”. I have to laugh when I see them. Surely after over 160 years, the thousands of mediums who visited there have long ago helped any “stuck” spirits cross over!

So when people perceive these echoes of energy, and project their own fear and belief into that area, it just enhances the energy and makes it more likely others will follow and manifest more of the same. That can be true of a place like Gettysburg, or just in your own home if you are someone who keeps projecting your fear into the atmosphere Want a more direct example?

Your Experience

As a psychic, I can sense everyone who reads this blog post and when they read it. That means I can sense you and what is around you right now. And there is a big spider that just crawled on your right shoulder! Yes, YOU. If you look now you can probably get it off before it gets in your hair or down your shirt!

If you haven’t seen it on your shoulder yet, it might still be on the wall behind you or on the floor! But it is there right now!

OK, be honest. Did I make you look? Did your skin crawl or get chills a little bit? Of course, I was completely making up the previous paragraph. But likely many of you would have manifested at least some small physical reaction or even body response (chills, goosebumps, looking just in case, etc.), or at least felt a brief sensation of fear or anxiety.

The point is that the Law of Attraction plays a role here in that our own fears and thoughts can manifest in one degree or another. So the more you watch scary movies, read paranormal blogs, research unreliable sources that reinforce misinformation or feed your fears, or even just spend time worrying and fearing your own situation or experience, the more energy you feed to it and the more likely you are to actually manifest and re-experience similar things!

You Are Always In Control

The great thing about all of this is you can be fully in control. Knowledge is power. You don’t need a medium to help you. You don’t need rituals of protection. What you need is awareness, belief, and practice.

If you are experiencing unexplainable things that are fearful or causing anxiety, understand this is almost certainly not from the spirit world. Arm yourself with the knowledge about residual energy and choose to stop feeding your own fears and misconceptions.

If you are experiencing other unexplained things that are not making you fearful, ask yourself if they are useful. If they are or you think are signs, then accept it. If you believe you are guided but cannot understand the experience, ask for more practical guidance you can understand instead. If you get validation, accept the guidance with gratitude, continue experimenting and enjoy the ride! Trust your own intuition and where it wants to take you and what to learn. If what you learn makes you fearful, find a better source! Don’t give your power to others to interpret everything for you.

It’s Not Unexplainable, It’s You

If you are sensing spirits and getting evidence from the spirit world but feel overwhelmed, know that the spirit world is pure love and they would never force themselves on anyone. Television shows make it seem like they follow mediums around trying to get the medium to ambush a stranger with a message, but they never do that – it is actually the medium who is seeking them out whether they realize it or not! Spirit communicators only come to us when we ask for them and will always have motivation of healing.

All that is needed to get them to stop coming to you is to set boundaries and know that you are in control. You don’t need protection rituals. But if you don’t believe and trust that simple reality – or if you worry it will not be enough, then you will continue to sense spirits because consciously or subconsciously you are inviting the spirit world to come to you.

My Own Revelation

When I was first developing my mediumship I used to sense spirits in the morning before I did psychic readings and felt like they were waking me up. I would bargain with them to give me evidence that I would promise to deliver later if they would just let me sleep. At the time, I was a little insecure about my mediumship because it was new to me. But I was also excited about mediumship and didn’t realize it was often in the back of my mind and I craved evidence that could be validated. I also didn’t realize at the time that I had any ability to control it so I didn’t even try. Everything I had seen on television made it seem like the medium had no say in the matter!

But eventually I realized I was actually in full control. I could connect to the spirit world simply by putting my intention and awareness there when I was ready to work, and turning my attention back to the physical world and daily life when I was done. There was no special grounding or closing down needed. This was quite a revelation and I never had spirits waking me up or bothering me again!

What’s Next?

The next time you have something unusual happen, take a deep breath. Chances are there is absolutely nothing to fear. Control your own experience and claim your power. Be wary of seeking validation of your own fears instead of real answers. Don’t wallow in fear or anxiety – avoid sources that feed into that energy.

If you have physical symptoms, first make sure there isn’t an underlying physical condition before you jump to conclusions that it is something metaphysical. Instead, find an experienced teacher who can explain things in a way that makes sense to you. If you are becoming more aware of your intuitive senses or the spirit world, be patient and enjoy the ride. Remember, not every experience has deep meaning or needs explanation and validation!

Intuition is open to everyone to be harnessed for practical usage. It does not have to be mystical, mysterious, or scary. And you are not cursed (or special) because you are opening up to sensing things outside your five senses.

Likewise, the spirit world is greatly misunderstood. We are all spirit, we have helpers on the other side, and trust this experienced evidential medium that there is absolutely nothing to fear from the spirit world once you understand it is a place of pure love.

Want to learn how to develop your own intuitive/psychic or mediumistic abilities? We all have them and I offer regular classes and workshops to help you tap into them and learn to trust them!

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Anna · April 25, 2023 at 1:41 pm

I was 5 or 6 years old when it happened, I was unafraid.
I was asleep, dreaming?
I froze into a soft darkness which pulled me upwards and I emerged in a white space/room with pillars and tall purple -robed figures who seemed otherworldly.
Then I wasback in bed. I remember looking back at the experience of being pulled away, unable to open my eyes or move. Then it hit me. That’s what happens when you die, I thought. Hmmm… quite comfy, really. Remember I was a child!
Many years later, in my 20’s I was in a book store, having a browse. I picked out a book (or it picked me?) and began to read the chapter I found upon opening the book at random. There was a detailed description of what happens when you transition. I read about the white room, pillars and plinths. I was hooked. At the time, I was on a lunch break stroll without my purse. Time to return to my desk.
My grandmother was a psychic medium and I was quite ok with it, but without any notion of what it was about.
How I regret not asking her about the experience I had. Iris has long passed on and is my chief guiding light from the other side. Did she know that I had inherited her gift? I was her first and favourite granddaughter, that was clear.
What you discuss in this article about unusual experiences and encounters, which are ego generated and which come with love from spirit, I need to add, that vivid ‘dream’, to my mind, wasn’t at all strange. I was, I’m a way, indifferent? So can you imagine my wonder at discovering that validation in a randomly selected book? Powerful stuff.

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