Tim was so kind and empathic during my session. I have been living in limbo for a couple of months and really seeking guidance / wisdom beyond all the therapy and self-help practices I engage in. I booked an intuitive reading and we also were able to connect with my late husband. It was a very emotionally charged experience but I walked away feeling a sense of peace about my past, and more hopeful for my future. I identify as a skeptic in most things, but almost every single thing I was told during this session resonated deeply with my lived experience and now I am skeptical of my skepticism! Tim also validated my own intuition which was truly valuable for me. I hope that my own intuition can guide me for a bit, but I would not hesitate to reach out to Tim again for another reading should I find myself in a similar position in the future. Time will tell if these predictions come to fruition, but it was enough for me to keep going and see for myself. Much love to all who are seeking, and so much gratitude to Tim for sharing his gifts with us.



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