I’ve received a number of psychic readings over the years, some from highly acclaimed psychics. Tim’s was right up there as a real Blue Ribbon reading! I felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I came away feeling uplifted and validated. Tim’s reading stood out for several reasons. First and most importantly, he didn’t add or introduce anything new for me to be concerned over. He provided reassurance for what was at hand. He even cleared up something from a reading with someone else, where I’d been casually told that a particular kind of therapy might benefit me (which hadn’t even been on my radar or something i had asked this person about.) I mention this because it is one of the reasons that Tim shines. Yes, he’s accurate, but perhaps more importantly, he does what a good psychic should do – empower you. Tim has obviously done the deep inner development that reminds me of the Hippocratic Oath that doctors take – first do no harm. On top of that, his reading just stood out as being overall one that left a resounding positive impact on me.



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