The Learning Medium

The Learning Medium

Over the last 18 months, I have focused strongly on developing my mediumistic abilities. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than being able to reunite people with their loved ones on the Other Side. For years, I was able to only do this sporadically during – or often before – an intuitive reading.

So I sought teachers and sources to help develop my mediumship but found most of them sorely lacking. The vast majority were fear-based and few seemed to match my own experiences with Spirit. My experiences were always identifiable loved ones who were at peace and coming through with messages of healing, hope, or love for someone I was reading. But most sources focused on things like “lost souls” needing “spirit rescue”, elaborate “protection” rituals seemingly needed to protect against “evil spirits”, etc. These sources never resonated with me and I felt they ranged from seemingly misinformed, to delusional, to flat out harmful!

Fortunately, last summer I finally found some wonderful teachers that reinforced my own experiences with Spirit and helped me unfold my abilities. First, I came across an interview online with Martin Twycross and my soul just lit up because I knew I’d finally found a teacher who truly understood mediumship to its core. I soon began a year-long study program through his UK Academy of Mediumship which gave me a new understanding for the fundamentals of good mediumship.

Martin Twycross’ UK Academy of Mediumship

Martin is a incredible teacher – his patient, common-sense and comprehensive approach made sense like nothing else I have encountered. I’m so fond of his study program that I think it should be required for everyone who works as a medium! My mediumistic abilities have unfolded in a way I didn’t realize was possible largely in part to Martin’s teaching.

During this time of development, I also traveled to attend a some in-person workshops with some other wonderful mediums. I had a couple of short workshops with Lisa Williams and was blown away by her fun, infections positive energy and deep connection to Spirit. She is very entertaining along with being a terrific teacher. Oh, and did I mention she’s a top notch medium!

I also attended a full-day mediumship workshop with the awesome John Holland. I did not know much about him prior to the workshop and was delighted to find that he was very genuine, warm, and entertaining. He very clearly cares deeply about people and his empathetic nature was apparent throughout his teaching and demonstrations of mediumship.

One of the highlights for me during this training was that I got to attend a demonstration of public mediumship that John & Lisa did with an audience of about 1,000 people. It was absolutely breathtaking to witness the power of spirit and the skill of these excellent pros in such a large audience!

During the event, I sat next to a young couple from overseas who had never seen a medium before. Watching their reaction as their eyes were opened to the spirit world was truly priceless! It really reinforced for me sacredness and importance of this work and the need to continually train to provide the highest quality mediumship possible.

These experiences also recently inspired me to begin training to do my own demonstrations of mediumship to groups. I have always been introverted so this has been a fun challenge to get more comfortable speaking in front of groups. I have done two so far – with a fellow medium – and plan to do more soon.

I consider myself a lifelong student so it has been such a delight to find good teachers along the way. Spirit is always going to be my “go to” teacher, but it has been very exciting to find some fellow humans along the way who can also provide exceptional insight and who lead by example.

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