My History of Written Readings

When I did my first psychic readings almost 30 years ago, I naturally preferred writing them down. This was in the stone age prior to the Internet so I would actually hand write them with pen and paper! The most amazing messages would come when I was completely alone and meditating on a particular person or subject. I loved relaying that in written form and later seeing or hearing the reaction of the person after they read it.

But if that same person was sitting across from me at that time, I found it much more difficult to receive as much intuitive information. I was shy and very empathic, and had not yet learned what that meant. I had no idea that I needed to ground and protect myself and to tune out another person’s energy. I just knew I got a lot more information if I was alone.

The ability to give the same high quality readings while interacting live with people came with time, training, and practice. But I have always had a special place in my heart for that early type of reading where I receive all the intuitive information and write it down directly first, then share it with someone later. The only meaningful difference now from the readings I started with 30 years ago is that I type really fast so it is easier to write down more intuitive information for my clients for e-mail readings.

There are several reasons why many of my clients prefer this type of reading…


5. Share as Much or as Little as You Like

Are you someone who likes to share the messages you receive in a reading with others? Or do you prefer to keep intuitive guidance to yourself? Either way, email readings having you covered!

Sharing the information with trusted friends or family can be fun. Not only does it often reinforce to them that there is more to Life than our daily routine, but often the intuitive guidance you receive can help others as well. While the email reading is always a unique reading intended for you, if there are parts you wish to share with others what could be easier than having the entire reading at your fingertips in an email?

If you are introverted, don’t want others to know you are getting intuitive guidance, or just like to keep the messages received for yourself, email readings are still a great option. Since you are not taking specific time out of your schedule to coordinate a visit or a call, an email reading can be discretely requested and reviewed at your leisure. While my email readings are usually quite lengthy and I recommend setting aside time to read them undisturbed, for those who prefer discretion it is still easier to do this than other methods.


4. Speed and Convenience

For in-person or phone readings, my schedule is often booked weeks in advance. While I believe everyone who is guided to me gets the reading they need at the right time, sometimes getting intuitive guidance faster can bring needed relief, clarity or comfort.

While email readings often take as much (sometimes more!) of my own time than in-person or phone readings, they are much easier for me to schedule because I can do them whenever I choose. I always ensure I have at least 45 minutes to devote to each e-mail reading, but that amount of time is generally quite easy to slot into my daily routine. So the vast majority of the time, I can give intuitive readings by email within a few days of the request.

And it doesn’t matter if you live nearby, are in the same time zone, or even the same country! E-mail readings are convenient for everyone.


3. It’s There In Black and White

When I see repeat clients or give readings to friends and family, I am often struck by what they choose to relate to others about a reading.  I never interject or correct, but sometimes I want to say “Umm… that is not at all what I said!” or “Yeah, but you’re leaving out the most important part!”.

It is human nature for us to perceive things our own way.  Sometimes, particularly if we are very emotional about a certain subject going in, we can “hear only what we want to hear” in a phone or in-person reading and important messages can be lost or distorted. However, with an email reading if you don’t absorb certain things the first time you read it, upon re-reading you may find other layers of the message start to sink in that perhaps you glossed over or missed the first time.


2. Refer Back to Any Time

Which leads me to another of the really special benefits of email readings: you potentially have that information to refer back to at any time – including months or years from now!

I have a difficult time explaining to clients sometimes that when I connect with Spirit, their perception of time is not the same as ours. Therefore, when I receive intuitive images or messages – as much as I try hard to place our perception of “time” around them – they sometimes send me information outside my requested parameters. While in-person or on the phone, if something doesn’t resonate immediately we tend to dismiss it and move on. But with email readings, I have had people come back to me much later about something that they read that didn’t seem to make sense at the time, but came to pass in the future! Or they suddenly remembered after referring back to it later. And they may not have ever remembered if they had a different type of reading where they couldn’t refer back to every word.

While you can potentially record other types of readings and refer back to them, this can be more challenging for two reasons.

First, with the raised energy of readings, particularly in person, it is not uncommon for this energy to interfere with electronic recording devices! I have had cell phones that had batteries that were full drain down to nothing in less than an hour. I have seen cell phones spontaneously reboot in the middle of readings. And every time, the person says the same thing… “This phone has never acted like this before!”.  I just have to smile because I know it is fairly common.

Second, while it can be a great experience to listen back to a call or in-person reading, this often involves setting aside quite a bit of time to listen to the recording. And if you wanted to find something specific, it can be much more difficult in an audio recording than with an email.


1. Pure Intuitive Message

My personal favorite thing about email readings is that the purity of the information received is undeniable. When I do email readings, I often know nothing about the person except their email address and first name. Having at least a first name does makes it a tad easier for me to connect with their energy. And makes typing the email easier (i.e. pronouns!) but it is not necessary. All it takes for me to read someone is intention from them. In fact, prior to setting up my own web site, I actually did readings for people on a site where I literally saw only their login name!

What is special about email readings for clients, particularly their first one, is that they realize I do not know anything about them including things I could see or discern with a live reading like age, appearance, etc. Therefore, the natural skeptic in all of us has an easier time receiving the intuitive guidance.

With phone readings or, particularly, in-person readings, inevitably the information I relay can still be influenced by the client. Just like you, when I meet someone I’m prone to my own first impressions of them based on appearance, attitude, demeanor, etc. I have learned to tune that out and look past with relative ease, but it does take some effort when reading live with a client. If they are agitated, or nervous, or sick, it can throw off the energy of a reading and I must expend some of my own energy to deal with that to ensure it does not affect the quality of the reading. Likewise, if someone is ecstatic, or manic, or under the influence, that also can affect a reading and how much of my energy can connect with Spirit versus dealing with a client’s energy.

It is common for me to receive images, perceptions, and feelings about things which don’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to me logically, but I always trust that they will make sense or have meaning for my client when the read the email I compose. Hearing feedback from them later about how much something meant to them is one of the most rewarding things I experience as an intuitive reader.


A Type for Everyone

This doesn’t mean that in-person or phone readings are less accurate or at all inferior to those by email. They are just a different type of experience. I have clients who prefer one over the other, and some who mix it up and get different kinds! I always trust that a client will be led to me a the right time, and that the type of reading they most need will be chosen.

If the reasons above resonate with you, email readings may be a good fit for you!


With Deepest Gratitude,

~Tim Thomas


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