People are drawn to get psychic readings for various reasons. But I am often shocked when I see certain websites or posts on social media from so-called psychics that cater to people seeking intuitive guidance for what I consider to be all the wrong reasons. There are many reasons people seek out psychic readings that are inappropriate or even dangerous. It is important to be aware of them so you can avoid those situations or the people who would take advantage of them.

  1. One of the fairly mild but quite common bad reasons I see is expecting the psychic to make a decision for you. While it is good to have an open mind when seeing a reader you trust, it is unhealthy and unwise to give them the power to make decisions for you. Everyone has free will and no future path is ever written in stone. A good psychic will help you understand the challenges and benefits of any particular situation or issue you are considering, but they’ll never tell you what to do or what not to do. It is up to you to take their input and use your own good judgment, intuition, and any other trusted sources to make good decisions for yourself.
  2. Another bad reason to seek a reading is when you have already made up your mind and seek only a rubber-stamp of approval about a particular topic and nothing else will do. It is like the flip side of the previous bad reason because in both cases you are looking to the psychic to take responsibility for your life. If you get a reading purely expecting to validate something that you’ve already decided, and you are not open to hearing about potential pitfalls or alternatives, then why seek a reading at all? Those who seek a reading with this approach tend to go from reader to reader until they finally get what they want. They’ll close themselves off from any input until they get the answer they want to hear. Then if something goes wrong later they can just blame the psychic so they don’t have to take responsibility for their own actions. While it can be quite useful to seek intuitive guidance when you are considering big decisions (new job, move, relationship, etc.), you have to have be open to receiving information if you want to benefit from a reading.
  3. There is another whole category of bad reasons that I would consider generally falling under the heading “none of your business“. This would include trying to get a reading about details of someone else’s life that do not directly pertain to you, or trying to gain information about someone without their permission. As an example, I’ve been asked recently by a potential client if I could find the name of his father, details about his new family, and where he lives now! (Umm… technically I’m sure I could but there is no way I would do that!). More commonly, someone might ask about details of someone else’s private life that should remain private. No, I generally will not give you details about someone else’s relationship! If you have concerns about someone or their relationship and are thinking of intervening, I can tell you about the potential results of those actions. But it is unethical (and from an energetic perspective bad karma to even ask) to reveal details of private information about others without their permission.
  4. On the extreme end of bad reasons to seek a psychic I would put those who seek to influence the behavior of others through anything relating to a psychic abilities – particularly so-called spells, hexes, or curses. The label does not matter, it is all highly charged with negative energy no matter how innocent or pure you may think the intent, or how benign or effective the reader may advertise their services relating to it. Any attempt to use psychic or spiritual energy to directly influence specific individuals is, at best, a waste or misuse of energy and intuitive ability. At worst it can result in very bad karma. A simple way to think about this is how would you feel if you found out someone was seeking to influence you in any way by seeing a psychic and not getting your permission? Even if it is someone you love and trust and they seem to have your best interest at heart… it still doesn’t feel right, does it?
  5. Likewise, seeking a psychic to lift a so-called curse or hex is not a good idea. While it is possible for someone to direct negative energy your way and to be influenced by that, it ultimately has only as much power over you as you allow. It is reasonable to seek intuitive guidance to help understand why things don’t seem to be going your way, or to help you deal with negative people or situations. But if someone tells you that you are cursed, or had a hex/spell put on you that needs to be lifted it is the surest sign you are dealing with a con artist and should leave immediately! No reputable psychic will ever give credence to the concept that you are cursed, let alone take your money to “lift” it or to heal you of it.
  6. The last group of reasons not to get a psychic reading are when you are doing it out of desperation. If you can’t afford to pay your bills and you’re hoping a psychic will give you lottery numbers or a magic bullet to fix your life, it simply doesn’t work like that. If you feel desperate to contact a loved one on the other side and you seek out a psychic medium demanding to contact them, you’ll find most reputable ones cannot just “speed dial” a particular soul on the other side. You can invite someone in and hope they come but ultimately most mediums will only connect with those that come forward voluntarily. In fact, you can bet that any reason that you can think of that you would consider yourself in need of an “emergency” psychic reading is probably a bad reason to see a psychic! You would likely be too emotionally raw or desperate for answers to truly be open to receive and process good intuitive information.

It is generally best to avoid seeing a psychic for any of the reasons listed above. The good news is there are lots of great reasons to get intuitive readings! When you find a reader you can trust, there is nothing quite like getting a good intuitive reading. It should generally leave you feeling hopeful, energized, and content.

I’ll explore some of the good reasons to seek out intuitive guidance in a future blog post.

With Deepest Gratitude,

~Tim Thomas


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