Dream or Visitation?

Have you ever had a “dream” that you felt wasn’t really a dream? Where you communicated with a loved one who has passed on from the physical world? Many of us are visited by loved ones from the Other Side at least a few times in our lives. But how do you know the difference between these visitations from Spirit and a regular dream?

There are a few key ways in which these visitations differ from dreams.


1 – Unforgettable in Every Way

One of the easiest ways to know you’ve been visited by a loved one is that you will have little or no trouble at all remembering it! We all dream many dreams every night, but even those of us who keep a dream journal (*raises hand) don’t remember dreams every night. Or we remember fragments that might need to be pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle.

With a visitation, you may remember it in a more linear start to finish way, like you would a recent memory. That is a sign that it really happened!


2 – So Real, So Vivid

Another distinguishing feature of a visitation is that it can be much more real or vivid than a typical dream. Typically, you will see, hear, and/or feel the person as they are physically present with you in some way.

For example, the first visitation I got was from my mother about four months after she passed. I heard her voice audibly as if she were physically present with me – a phenomenon called objective clairaudience. This was much different than subjective clairaudience (essentially “hearing” voices in my head) that I sometimes pick up during readings. It felt very realistically that she was physically present with me as I heard her speaking.

The most recent visitation I experienced was from my dog! Yes, our pets live on in spirit form as well and can also visit us, too! In this visitation, I encountered him in my bedroom. I felt him there as I petted him just as if he were fully physically present in the room with me. It was a wonderful experience and he appeared to me in a younger, healthier body to comfort me and show me he was safe and happy on the Other Side which explains why touch was important in this encounter.

So if at least one of your five physical senses objectively felt the presence, that is a good indication it was more than a dream.


3 – Waking with Joy

While some might think you would awake from a visitation sad that the encounter is over, my experience has been the opposite. Our loved ones visit us in Spirit for comfort and reassurance. Waking from that experience can be a very profound and uplifting exercise. If you awake feeling euphoric and blissful after having a “dream” about a loved one, that may be a sign it was more than just a dream.

It can be natural to fall into a bit of sadness later when you remember how much you miss seeing them every day, but more than likely after the visitation you will awaken to a feeling of heightened joy, comfort, and peace.


4 – You Know It Is More Than a Dream

We live in a culture and a time that teaches us that intuition is not real. Even those of us who overcome that false belief system may still believe that we, ourselves, are not intuitive. But we are – every single one of us! So chances are if your gut tells you it was more than a dream, it was probably more than a dream! If you’ve had this experience, you’ll understand because you’ll just know.

Our loved ones come to us when we are sleeping, or in a near-sleep state because it is the only time most of us are open to receiving. Once our conscious mind takes control, it shuts out or denies the existence of our intuition and the possibility of a spirit realm. So it isn’t that our loved ones can only visit us in dreams, it is that is the only time most of us allow as “visiting hours” for their spirits to reach us! So if you sense that you’ve had a visitation, don’t dismiss it or you might miss out on a profound message or experience.


Be Open

Chances are if you’ve had a “dream” that included at least a couple of the above factors, you have been visited by a loved one from the Other Side! And if you haven’t had that experience yet, rest assured it is likely you’ll have them when the time is right.

Use the above information as a guide to open yourself more to the possibility of one – or more – of these unforgettable encounters!


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