Evidential Mediumship

I practice evidence-based mediumship. This means I work with your loved ones and friends in the spirit world to give you specific evidence proving they continue to exist after leaving their physical body. The evidence they give can include things like their relationship to you, physical description, health, passing condition, personality, age, family structure, habits, shared memories, dates and sometimes even names.

I will also provide any messages the spirit wishes to communicate to you. These messages will always be healing and/or comforting in nature. My goal is to allow you to feel the essence of your loved one for a little while even though they are in spirit.

If you prefer a reading that is primarily about you & your life situation – rather than evidence from spirit world – you may be better suited with a psychic reading. If you have booked the wrong type and wish to change, please message me or use the links in your booking confirmation to cancel and re-book another type.

Private Mediumship Reading Formats

Zoom Meeting / Video Conference (PREFERRED METHOD): I will send you a link for a video conference at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. I typically use Zoom because it works well and is very easy for most users, but if you have a preference for another tool just let me know when you book and I will see if I can accommodate.

Telephone: I will call you at the appointed date and time for your reading. Please be sure to provide your phone number upon booking or your appointment may be canceled or postponed.

In-Person: At this time, I am not accepting new in-person clients.

My Process

I will start the session by spending a couple minutes talking about my how I work and what you can expect. Then I will move my awareness to the spirit world and your loved one(s) will be there ready to connect with us! They will begin to give me evidence and any messages for you. They share this with me via thoughts, feelings, impressions, and sometimes physical sensations.

Sometimes, the spirit communicator just wants to present evidence to prove that they still exist outside the physical world. And to show us the profound truth that we will, too, someday! Other times they will have more a direct message for you but please know it will always be a of a positive, healing, loving, or supportive in nature.

People often book a private reading because they want to connect with a particular loved one in spirit. While I can never guarantee a connection to a specific spirit communicator, I will ask you if there is someone in particular you want to hear from and most of the time I can connect with them either through a first name or your relationship.

Nothing to Fear

A reading with me will always be a comforting, uplifting, or healing experience! There is never anything to fear.

I have communicated with hundreds and hundreds of spirit communicators over the years and I can firmly say I do not believe in “evil” spirits, entity attachments, “stuck” spirits, etc. These types of fears are ingrained in most people through misleading and fear-based TV shows & movies, as well as a great deal of misinformation that exists even from alleged professional teachers. My experience shows that spirit communicators come through only with messages of love, healing, hope, or comfort – even if they had difficult lives or relationships in the physical world.

Preparing for Your Session

It never hurts to tell your loved ones in spirit in advance that you’d like to hear from them! You can do this out loud or just by thinking of them before our session. They definitely hear us when we want them to even if we only communicate with them in our head. After all, my communication with them is mainly by thought as well! So by all means tell them about our upcoming session and invite them to join us.

It helps a great deal if you are able to be in a quiet, private location for our session. If you are in a crowded café or at home with noisy kids playing nearby, it can be very difficult to focus on the session or sometimes to hear one another. It is always best to have some quiet and privacy, particular because some messages can be of a personal nature.

Being in a calm receptive state of mind also helps tremendously. If you are busy or distracted or upset, the session will be much more difficult and it may be challenging to understand and receive what Spirit wishes to communicate.

You are an important part of this session so please set yourself up to have the best possible experience! 🙂


For mediumship readings, I recommend you wait at least 2-3 months after someone’s passing before seeing any medium. This is to allow ourselves time to go through the natural grieving process. For similar reasons, it is also generally best to wait at least a year between mediumship appointments. After all, your loved ones in spirit will always want you to live your life to the fullest and not just spend all your time seeking out mediums!

My Do’s and Don’ts

I DON’T… believe in evil spirits, stuck spirits / spirit rescue, etc.

I DON’T… refer to, or even usually remember, past readings. I don’t have a great memory to begin with and when I read I’m in a slightly altered state of mind and rarely remember much.

I DON’T… guarantee I can connect with a particular spirit communicator on a given day. However, the vast majority of the time I am able to connect with those you want to hear from most.

I DON’T… provide secret code words you may have setup with a loved one prior to passing. By holding this requirement in your mind, you are likely closing yourself off to the receipt of other evidence spirit will provide. Also, in the unlikely event a medium were to pickup this information in a reading, it is more likely they will be getting that from you psychically and not from the spirit communicator.

I DO… always keep things positive and light. Even spirit communicators who may have been difficult or challenging in the physical world will provide a positive experience – even if it is just to take responsibility for their actions while they were here.

I DO… strive to ensure you are happy with your reading by explaining my process up-front.

I DO… appreciate referrals. Even though I have this fancy web site, the vast majority of my clients still find me by being referred by others!

I DO… respect your privacy. I know that what comes up in a reading can often be extremely personal and emotional and it will stay between us (and Spirit!). For details, check out my privacy policy.


For those who would like to tip or make an extra donation after your reading, you can use this link to my PayPal. I spend a considerable amount of money each year on training, technology, development and travel. I aim to keep my rates as low as possible to make it affordable for my clients so these donations are always very much appreciated (but are never required or expected).

I truly love mediumship and being able to be the voice for Spirit. It has changed my life and I’m always deeply honored to be able to connect with these spirit people. It is my goal to do this with as many people as possible to show the reality that we continue as a loving consciousness that survives and transcends the death of our physical bodies.

If you are interested, you can book a session with me.

With Deepest Gratitude,