What’s in a Name?



So the name change is complete: “Nurturing Tarot” is now officially “Nurturing Visions”. I am relieved and happy with the outcome, but it has been quite an adventure getting to this point!

I have always loved Tarot cards and Tarot readings. I can envision myself using them for the rest of my life, both for myself and my clients. The history, the symbolism, and the rich beautiful array of artful decks available is fascinating and wonderful. And as an intuitive tool, I find it is almost unparalleled. But the reality is, it is just a tool (one of many) available for accessing intuitive information. And these tools can be fun and useful, but they are not necessary.

I often receive intuitive information for my clients directly through the seeing images/symbols (clairvoyance), hearing sounds or phrases (clairaudience), or feeling/sensing things (clairsentience). Often, these impressions come to me prior to even touching the cards – sometimes hours or days before a reading! Sometimes, I am aware that these messages are coming from a loved one or guide on the other side. But in nearly all cases, I pick up some significant intuitive information directly so the name Nurturing Tarot began to seem restrictive or even a bit misleading.

I am also sometimes drawn to use other tools – like Oracle cards, a crystal ball, tea leaves, candle flame readings, etc. to supplement a card reading. Whatever I feel drawn to when doing a reading is what I will use to ensure my clients get the intuitive messages the need to receive. I also offer other intuitive services as well that don’t use Tarot at all – such as Past Life Readings and Soul Journey Stories. So  the name just no longer seemed to fit.

I thought about what all the services I provide for my clients have in common: the use of images, or “visions”, to provide important information to my clients. Regardless of what, if any, tool is used – there is always a key element of receiving intuitive information visually and interpreting it into something meaningful and helpful. And since my clients have long told me that my style is very nurturing, I kept that part of the name and “Nurturing Visions” was the name that seemed to best fit.

That decision was the easy part. The amount of work it took to make all the necessary changes was a bit of a shock! I have been buried in the logical world of technology for a couple weeks worrying about things like domain name registrations, web site hosts, Twitter logins, email addresses, Facebook pages, hyperlinks, etc. I used this opportunity to completely refresh my web site which is not www.nurturingvisions.com, complete with new ways to connect with my social media accounts and to sign up for my newsletter.

A name change may seem like a minor thing, but names have power and can be very important. I can already feel the energetic shift now that the change is complete. There is a sense of freedom, relief, and excitement. I know this was a necessary step that will allow me to better service my clients long-term I look forward to those opportunities with gratitude.

I hope you like the change and the refresh of the web site. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.

Peace and light.


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